You May Have Free Packages Waiting


HUAWEI CLOUD has special free trial offers available for new users. Follow the steps described here to claim yours today.

Huawei Cloud provides you with multiple free cloud services. For details about the free usage duration and specifications, see the activity page:

1. How Do I Obtain Free Packages?

Every user is eligible for obtaining and using free packages. After you create a Huawei Cloud account, the free package will be automatically sent to your account. This may take about 2 minutes. If you do not receive the free package within the specified period, feel free to contact us.

2. How Do I View My Free Packages?

Log in to Huawei Cloud and choose Billing & Costs in the upper right corner. If Free Packages is displayed under Promotions in the left navigation bar, the free package has been sent to your account. You can view the service, flavor, region, trial duration or usage, and used free quota of a free package on this page.

Note: The VPC product shown in the following figure is the product corresponding to the EIP on the activity page.

3. How Do I Check Whether My Free Package Works?

You can choose Billing Center > Billing to view the expense details and check whether you have used the products in the free package for free. (The bill is sent every hour.) If you find any fee deduction, check whether you are eligible for the free trial by performing the first step. In addition, check whether the product you selected is eligible for the free trial. Note that the free trial is only applicable to pay-per-use products.

This is the procedure for obtaining and viewing free packages. After confirming that the information is correct, you can start your journey on Huawei Cloud.

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