Check Your Free Packages

This guide tells you how to check your free packages on the console.

HUAWEI CLOUD provides 12-month free trial for 10 hot products and other always-free products.

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1. Obtain free packages on HUAWEI CLOUD.

Every newly registered user can get Free Packages. After you successfully register with HUAWEI CLOUD, the benefits will take a few minutes to be available in your account.

If you do not get the benefits automatically, please contact us.

2. Check your free packages.

Log in to the HUAWEI CLOUD website and click Billing Center. If the Free Packages module is displayed in the Billing Center, the benefits are already available to you.

You can check your free usage quota ,specifications, and region on this page.

Note: The "Virtual Private Cloud" product shown in the following figure is the product corresponding to the "Elastic IP "  on the activity page.

3. Check whether your free quota is taking effect.

On the Billing Center, choose Bills > Expenditures to check whether fees are triggered for your resource usage. (The bills are updated once an hour.)

If your resources are billed, check whether:

l You have obtained Free Packages based on step 2.

l You have purchased the resources of the specifications supported in the Free Packages.

l You have selected Pay-per-use as the billing mode (because Free Packages only support pay-per-use resources).

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