You May Have Free Packages Waiting

HUAWEI CLOUD has special free trial offers available for new users. Follow the steps described here to claim yours today.

HUAWEI CLOUD is offering 12-month free trials for 10 hot products, and there are some products you can use for free any time.

Limited time offers are available at:

If you are new to HUAWEI CLOUD, you can collect your free packages in three simple steps:

1.     Register a new account.

Sign up for HUAWEI CLOUD and you will be automatically eligible for free packages.

Just create your account and log in, and the benefits will be available in just a few minutes.

If you do not receive your free packages in a timely manner, please submit a service ticket:

2.     Navigate to the Billing Center and collect your packages.

Log in to the HUAWEI CLOUD official website and click Billing Center. If the Free Packages module is displayed on the left, your benefits are ready to collect.

Just click Free Packages in the navigation tree on the left, and you will see a list of the services, regions, and usage quota you have available.

Note: The "Virtual Private Cloud" product shown in the following figure is the product corresponding to the "Elastic IP" on the activity page.

1.     Confirm that your free quota is in effect.

On the Billing Center, choose Bills > Expenditures to confirm you are not being billed for resources that are part of your free package quota. Billing data is updated once an hour, so you may have to wait a bit to be sure.

If any new charges have been generated for free packages, confirm that:

lYou collected the free packages in step 2.

lThe resource specifications are included in the packages you selected.

lYou have selected the pay-per-use billing, because free packages quotas incompatible with yearly/monthly subscription.

More details are at: