How Do I Use Free Packages to Subscribe to Huawei Cloud ECS?

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After you obtain free packages, we will instruct you to subscribe to an ECS for free, together with EVS disks, bandwidth, and IP addresses.

Huawei Cloud provides you with multiple free cloud services. For details about the free usage duration and specifications, see the activity page:

1. Go to the ECS purchase page:

Method 1: On the home page of the official website, choose Products > Compute > Elastic Cloud Server (ECS). On the displayed ECS page, click Buy Now.

Method 2: After login, click Console in the upper right corner to go to the console page. Choose Elastic Cloud Server and click Buy ECS in the upper right corner to go to the purchase page.

2. On the subscription page, select Pay-per-use for Billing Mode. (Note: All free trial products can be used only when the pay-per-use mode is selected.) Select General computing for Specifications and choose s6.medium.2 in the row of General computing s6. If you have obtained the free package, you will see  "Free Package" next to s6.medium.2. This indicates that you can use this flavor for free.

3. Select a region and AZ. Currently, you can use free packages in the following eight AZs: CN-Hong Kong, AP-Bangkok, AP-Singapore, CN North-Beijing4, AF-Johannesburg, LA-Mexico City1, LA-Sao Paulo1, and LA-Santiago. You can select the required AZ in the upper right corner of the page.

4. Select an image: Select a Linux image from Public image. (Note: The free package only applies to Linux images.) In the following figure, select CentOS.

5. Select High I/O for System Disk and Data Disk, and set the disk size to 40 GB. If you select another I/O type or disk size, you will be charged.

6. Note that the price displayed at the bottom of the page is a normal one. The free trial usage of customers who are eligible for the free trial will be deducted first. Within the free trial period and usage, the actual payment is 0.

7. After the preceding configurations are complete, click Next in the lower right corner to configure the network. Select a security group and EIP as required. Set EIP Type to Dynamic BGP and Billed By to Traffic. In this way, you can enjoy a free trial of 20 GB per month.

After the preceding configurations are complete, you can submit the request to subscribe to your resources. You can also configure your ECS login password in advanced settings. After the request is submitted, the subscribed resources are displayed on the ECS console. You can start to use the resources.

As shown in the preceding figure, before the submission, you can see a message indicating that the free usage is deducted first. As long as the free trial duration and usage are within the range, no fee will be deducted. After the resource is subscribed, pay attention to your remaining usage and expiration time in Billing & Costs/Free Package to avoid unexpected charges.

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