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Go Global Scenarios

Cross-border e-commerce
Cross-border e-commerce

HUAWEI CLOUD has nine data centers outside China, 12 AZs, and over 210 cloud services, providing reliable IT for your international business.

Surge Handling

The solution supports high concurrency scenarios, even handling hundreds of millions of user requests when there are flash sales or other major events.

Proven Solutions

HUAWEI CLOUD works with partners to provide you with end-to-end, custom-made solutions and to help you quickly build e-commerce platforms.

Intelligent Decision-making

HUAWEI CLOUD EI services and inference services help you make smart decisions

Operating games in a foreign region
Operating games in a foreign region

Huawei's cloud-based solution delivers a superb experience for games with millions of concurrent players. Combined with cloud-based operations and maintenance, the solution helps game companies accelerate time to market while allowing for rapid elasticity.

Global Reach

HUAWEI CLOUD services are available in over 170 countries and regions. HUAWEI CLOUD has received multiple ISO certifications as well as certifications for compliance with applicable laws and regulations in the EU.

Comprehensive Services

HUAWEI CLOUD's full lineup of cloud services helps game companies accelerate innovation and remain competitive in a fast changing market.

24/7 Service with Fast Response

HUAWEI CLOUD's local service teams all over the world provide 24/7 service, with fast response to customer requests.

Internet services going global
Internet services going global

HUAWEI CLOUD offers a robust selection of cloud services plus infrastructure in many parts of the world, making it a great choice for Internet companies that wish to expand into the global markets.

Quick Deployment

Templates can be used to quickly deploy services and provision resources.

Security and Reliability

Protects the integrity of customer data and applications with the full security and reliability of HUAWEI CLOUD.

Precision Marketing

Actionable insights from big data analysis facilitate precision marketing.

Recommended Cloud Services

  • ECS

    • Secure, scalable, on-demand computing resources for companies trying to go global
  • RDS

    • Restore data deleted by mistake to any available backup point
  • DDS

    • Guaranteed data security with a three-node replica set architecture
  • OBS

    • Guaranteed security and high availability of data with cross-DC disaster recovery
  • EIP

    • Provide flexible Internet connectivity when used with other cloud services
  • EVS

    • Enhanced data security and reliability with three copies created for every piece of data
  • CC

    • Directly connect VPCs located in different regions
  • HSS

    • Block attacks with pinpoint accuracy by using advanced detection mechanisms and diverse libraries
GO-Global Coupon Terms and Conditions:

Time: November 5, 2020 to December 31, 2021

1. How to participate: Contact our sales during the Sale Carnival. You will receive a $200 coupon upon submitting the request.

2. Coupon distribution: We will distribute coupons within two working days after the promotion ends. You will receive an SMS and email notification of coupon distribution.

3. Coupons: 

  - Coupons of $200 USD will be valid till January 31, 2021. 

  - Coupons cannot be used together with other activities or commercial discounts. They can be used to purchase products on the HUAWEI CLOUD official website, excluding Marketplace products, Content Delivery Network (CDN), Video on Demand (VOD), Private Number, Video Transcoding, Message & SMS, Voice Call, Contact Center, telecom cloud, Live, Video Surveillance, Support Plan, Cloud Data Migration (CDM), cloud assurance, Cloud Service Architecture Consulting, and Security Expert Service (SES).

4. All users participating in this promotion are deemed to have agreed to the HUAWEI CLOUD Customer Agreement.