As Little as $0.8 USD
Save Big on Data Packages
As Little as $0.8 USD
Save Big on Data Packages

  • Competitive Price

    The price of a data package is much lower than that of the bandwidth billed by traffic.
  • Easy to Use

    Data packages are automatically used in the most favourable way.

Data Package Specifications

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10 GB


50 GB

100 GB

500 GB


1 TB

5 TB


What is a shared data package?

A shared data package contains traffic quota at a most favourable price. If you have bought a pay-per-use EIP billed by traffic, the traffic you use will be deducted from the shared data package, and you will not generate any additional fees for new traffic until your current package is used up or expires.

How can I buy a shared data package at the discount price?

Pick up a data package on this page and select the Hong Kong, Singapore, or Bangkok region to get the discount. Details

How do I use a data package?

A shared data package takes effect immediately after being purchased, and the system automatically uses it in the most favourable way for you. The package is used for all pay-per-use EIP bandwidths, instead of specified bandwidths.

Detailed Rules:

1. This promotion is available until December 31, 2020.

2. The discount applies only to the Hong Kong, Singapore, and Bangkok data centers and 10 GB, 50 GB, 100 GB, 1 TB, and 5 TB data packages. Each user can buy a maximum of 2 data packages.

3. If you encounter any problem when using the data packages, submit a service ticket and we will help you with it as soon as possible.

4. HUAWEI CLOUD has the right to revoke your purchase once finds that you buy and use the resources for malicious purposes.

5. A shared package cannot be unsubscribed after being purchased.

6. All users participating in the promotion are deemed to have agreed with the HUAWEI CLOUD Customer Agreement.