• HUAWEI CLOUD Developer Contest in Thailand aims to encourage developers to use HUAWEI CLOUD capabilities and services to create valuable applications and solutions for Thai enterprises and the society.
  • You can exchange your opinions with like-minded entrepreneurs and obtain excessive technical knowledge.
  • For students who are about to graduate, you will have chance to join in HUAWEI CLOUD for internship.

Budget for Contest Awards


1.What is the theme of the contest?

Borderless. HUAWEI CLOUD is looking for the most creative, applied, and sophisticated ideas (in accordance with applied laws and regulations in Thailand) for ICT technologies such as AI, microservice, and Big Data.

2.Who is HUAWEI CLOUD looking for?

HUAWEI CLOUD is seeking for innovative Thai scholars who are passionate about changing the world through technologies.

3.How do I participate in the contest?

Sign up for the challenge on the HUAWEI CLOUD challenge portal, and submit your group name, project name, and HUAWEI CLOUD account between Oct 20 and Nov 5, 2020. Each team is limited to 3 participants.

4.What is the challenge process?

1)   Submit your application for the challenge between Oct 20 and Nov 5, 2020.

2)   Submit a proposal of four to five pages describing your project in details to

3)   HUAWEI CLOUD will announce the finalists on Nov 6, 2020 and provide cloud resources for completing the project.

4) Build your project for HUAWEI CLOUD Developer Challenge Final.
Judging Criteria:
1.Originality, creativity, and uniqueness
2.Project intention (Who is the intended audience of your project?)
3.Benefits for the Thai society
4.Value in Thai businesses (How does the project help Thai businesses? In the short run? In the long run?)

5.Significance in utilizing HUAWEI CLOUD capabilities

1)   Big Data (MRS)

2)   AI (ModelArts, OCR)

3)   Container (CCE, ServiceStage)

4)    Blockchain (BCS)

6.Sustainability and potential for growth (What is the market opportunity in this project?)