Introduction to Yearly/Monthly Billing

Introduction to Yearly/Monthly Billing

1. What Is Yearly/Monthly Billing

Yearly/Monthly billing is a prepayment mode in which you pay first and then HUAWEI CLOUD provisions you the resources you have paid for. If you have had a subscription of x years or x months, you will be able to use the purchased resources exclusively within the x years or x months based on the prepayment, and you will not be charged any extra fees.

In yearly/monthly billing mode, you will pay less for the same duration of usage than in pay-per-use billing mode. HUAWEI CLOUD provides different discounts based on the usage duration. For pricing details, visit the HUAWEI CLOUD official website. After you subscribe to a resource for x years or x months, the resource will be guaranteed available for you within the subscribed duration, avoiding resource insufficiency.

2. Example Pricing

Business scenario: A company wants to use an ECS for one month.

Operation instructions:

Log in to the HUAWEI CLOUD official website. Select an ECS configuration. On the page shown below, configure the basis settings including the billing mode (Yearly/Monthly), region, flavor, image, system disk, and quantity. You will see a price for the basic settings. In this example, the price is for a c3.large.2 ECS with a 40 GB high I/O disk, which will be used for one month from the AP-Hong Kong region.

Click Next: Configure Network. On this page, complete network settings. Then a total price is displayed. In this example, the total price is for the use of 2 Mbit/s bandwidth for the previous ECS within a month. You pay the total price and no extra fees will be charged within the month.

Click Next: Configure Advanced Settings. On this page, complete the ECS login settings. Then click Next: Confirm to confirm all the ECS settings and the ECS price. After you complete the payment, HUAWEI CLOUD will provision this ECS to you.

The ECS you have purchased will be exclusive to you and no extra fees will be charged within the subscribed month.