Opportunities in Business Digitalization & Automation

SME Corp. Malaysia together with Huawei Technologies has launched the SME Adopt and Innovate Program (SME AI) with the goal of fostering technical and digital adaptation by SMEs in Malaysia. HUAWEI CLOUD provides innovative tools to help SMEs in Malaysia embrace the digital transformation to stay competitive.

Enterprise On Cloud AI Solutions

Business On Cloud
Cloud deployment for business applications, creating new digital business opportunities
Office On Cloud
Simplify enterprise management, optimize operations, and facilitate digital transformation
IT On Cloud
Secure, economical, and easy-to-manage data protection, reducing costs and mechanism complexity
AI On Cloud
Allow your business to deploy AI faster and easier

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Business on Cloud
  • Virtual Mall & Webstore

    The trend in consumer behavior has changed from the “real” experience of face to face communication at retail stores to “digital” experience through webstore or apps. With virtual mall it provides an immersive experience in which customers can shop any time, anywhere. This experience potentially increases number of online traffic to your webstore & efficiency of cost reduction on daily operation.

  • ERP ( Enterprise Resource Planning)

    With ERP solution enabled you can easily access your information anytime, anywhere. A seamless integration with cloud-connected applications feature to automate your business gaps through digital to increase resource & cost efficiency. Primarily serving small and medium-size business for Wholesales, trading & Project Engineering organization.

  • E-Telemarketing & Online Booking

    Digitalize your customer experience with E-telemarketing & Online Booking tool. Connecting the dots between the data in your CRM, webstore or service systems for a complete picture of every customer. Turn data insights to actionable engagement plan by accessing real-time report via the dashboard features.

  • IoT Solution

    AI sensor allows you to experience a seamless data collection via human interactions in the general public. With the aid of Pandora Software it able to analyze the collected data such as temperature, humidity & sound in real time and drive immediate call for action when its necessary.

Office On Cloud
  • OA

    Office suite walk the extra miles for you without spending too much time on formatting and navigating complex menus with WPS newly-designed interface with tabs, just like browser. The full-featured office suite it also allow users to create, edit, save and share working files i.e Doc, Excel, PPT & PDF files anytime, anywhere without any hassles enabled by Cloud services

  • iHR

    Cultivate an agile & effective people management modern workforce by transforming a digital culture inside out with the Integrated Human Resource Management System (HRM). Experience the full web-enabled multi platform solution with more than 20 functional modules including Employee self-service module. The solution helps to simplified and digitalize complex SOP with user friendly supporting features such as multilingual, multi-currency & multi banks payment as well as integrating all statutory bodies requirement including income tax, EPF and etc.

  • Business Operation Tools

    Effective inventory management to reduce write-offs, tracking & fulfillment effortlessly with Mobile Customer Ordering Solution at your finger tips. The solution provides rich capabilities to automate end-to-end workflow via mobile devices that potentially increase workforce efficiency to engage sales conversations at customer appointments at stores or tradeshows and cost reduction on sales order logistics planning and delivery scheduling with its real time data.

  • Training Solution (Upskill / Reskill )

    Ulearning is a Digital Learning Management Solution (LMS) enabling the education institution to digitalize an end to end process from teaching, manage Assets and research the course online for self-learning that you can interact anytime, anywhere 24/7. With this solution it allows organization to upskill your employee skills or even conduct live webinar to engage prospects through digital.

IT On Cloud
  • Cloud Backup

    Take advantage on Huawei lowest-cost storage solution of Cloud Technology OBS on backup critical files much quicker with fewer cost directly (D2C) or indirectly (D2D2C) & lower risk of being stolen with the use of data encryption throughout the entire process. Easily restored your virtual machine backup data in case of disaster with Huawei Cloud ECS at a quicker rate compare to manual tape backup. Huawei OBS storage solution provides two billing modes: pay-per-use and yearly/monthly to cater individual business needs

  • Cloud DR

    The Hybrid Cloud Disaster Recovery and Backup solution provides customers with multi-cloud and cross-cloud DR and backup capabilities with support for comprehensive data protection policies. It guarantees service continuity and keeps critical data secure with solution-level high reliability.

AI On Cloud
  • AI Model

    A one-stop development platform for AI developers. With data preprocessing, semi-automated data labeling, distributed training, automated model building, and model deployment on the device, edge, and cloud, ModelArts helps AI developers build models quickly and manage the lifecycle of AI development.

  • OCR

    Improved business efficiency with human errors reduced. Optical Character Recognition (OCR) recognizes and converts printed and handwritten characters and digits into editable text. With information from images or scanned copies of licenses, invoices, and forms no longer requiring manual input.

  • Facial Recognition

    Perfect for verification, tracking & attribute analysis Face Recognition quickly detects faces in images and analyzes key facial attributes to implement precise face verification and retrieval.

  • Easy Bot

    Highly accurate of handling customers Question Answering Bot (QABot) helps enterprises quickly build, publish, and manage intelligent Q&A bots

Ecosystem Partners & Customers

Ecosystem Partners & Customers