Opportunities in Business Digitalization & Automation

Launching your business has never been this easy. With this robust, easy-to-use Go Cloud solution, your data will be safer and more secure. Go Cloud gives you the flexibility to set up or scale up your business in just a few clicks. We are currently offering you 3 + 4 core packages to provide you with scalable compute resources to help you launch your business with ease.

Select Your Kickstarter Cloud Solutions

ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning)
An affordable cloud ERP solution that manages your business and automates back-office functions related to technology, services, and human resources. You can access your information from anywhere, anytime.
Integrated Human Resource Management System (HRM) is a full web-enable and multi-platform solution coming with employee self-service modules and more than 20 other functional modules. It support multilingual, multi-currency, multi-payment options and complies with all statutory requirements such as income tax, and employee provident fund.
Cloud Backup
EISSOO Anybackup allows you to easily back up your on-premises data to the lowest-cost storage OBS. You just pay as per the data volume you back up on the cloud. You can also run disaster recovery drills on cloud and if required, use the ECS to restore your virtual machines efficiently.

Get Your 1,500 Hours Cloud Services on Us

Cloud Servers
Provides scalable, on-demand compute that lets you run applications securely, flexibly, and efficiently.
Cloud Storage
Provides persistent block storage for services .With the advanced data redundancy and cache acceleration, you can count on high availability and durability with an extremely low latency
Cloud Network
Provides independent public IP addresses and bandwidth for Internet access. An EIP can be flexibly associated with or disassociated from an ECS, BMS, virtual IP address, load balancer, or NAT gateway.
Cloud Database
RDS for MySQL is a reliable, scalable cloud database service. You can deploy databases within minutes and stay focused on application development. Say goodbye to stressful database O&M once and for all