Data Center Advantages

High Performance

Data centers comply with international Tier3+ standards and use Huawei-developed high-performance chips, servers, storage and network devices.

Dual-Center Disaster Recovery

Data centers work in active-active mode, providing high-availability cloud services. If a data center is faulty, services can be quickly and seamlessly switched to the other data center.

High-Speed Connectivity

Ultra-low latency and ultra-high bandwidth Internet access is provided via multiple carriers. Routes are dynamically selected to ensure optimal experience.

Dedicated Customer Support

Service teams in 170 countries and regions and regional support centers provide 24/7 online and on-premise customer support.

Geographic Advantages

Hong Kong

Is a prime location for data center facilities with connections to 10 submarine cable systems and a number of overland cable systems for external communication. Recognized as a regional hub, Hong Kong is a gateway connecting business between mainland China and global markets.

With extensive global business experience, Huawei has now established data centers in Hong Kong to provide a comprehensive range of cloud services with outstanding infrastructure for customers in APAC and the rest of the world.

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