With Elastic Cloud Server S3, HUAWEI CLOUD offers website hosting solutions for personal users and enterprises. From blogs, forums, official websites to burstable e-commerce websites and social networks, we all have a solution that suits your needs.
Why HUAWEI CLOUD Elastic Cloud Server S3

Compared with general cloud servers in the industry

HUAWEI CLOUD ECS S3 has the following advantages over other cloud servers recommended for website hosting:

The CPU works at full capacity, offering better performance than CPU credit-based ECSs.
ECS S3 delivers excellent performance for the price. It is a great choice for hosting lightweight and medium-sized enterprise websites and applications.

Compared with VPSs

If you want to build a website but are still undecided between VPSs and ECSs, here are the reasons why you should choose the latter:

Flexible server management

You can manage OS-level ECS resources as the root user or super administrator. With a VPS, you only have the permission to manage applications running on it.

Low maintenance cost

By using ECSs, you pay only for what you use and have almost zero maintenance costs. With VPSs, you will have to spend a lot on operations but get no guarantee on security and reliability.

Exclusive IP address

ECSs offer exclusive IP addresses for website access, whereas VPS IP addresses are shared by multiple users. Once an IP address is attacked, all user websites become paralyzed.

High security

ECSs are isolated by security groups and protected by Anti-DDoS. VPSs are vulnerable to network attacks, and your resources will be preempted by other processes running on the same VPS.

Select Proper Applications to Set Up Your Website

HUAWEI CLOUD recommends the following free applications based on service scenarios:


Recommended for corporate website or portals, apps, online publications, e-commerce and online reservations, blogs, etc.

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Recommended for community-based portals, small business websites, e-commerce and online reservations, personal homepages, etc.

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Recommended for e-commerce, online store, B2C, B2B, product information management, international trading, etc.

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Recommended for wiki, support, documentation knowledge management

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If the preceding scenarios do not satisfy your services, you can select ECS S3 configurations as needed.

HUAWEI CLOUD has established local data centers in Singapore, Thailand, Hong Kong, and other areas to ensure data security and low network latency.

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Anti-DDoS is a traffic scrubbing service that protects resources from network and application layer distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) attacks. It notifies users of detected attacks instantly, ensuring bandwidth availability.

500 Mbit/s for free

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Vulnerability Scan Service

It is a security diagnosis service that uses weakness detection and intelligent correlation analysis technologies to help discover security risks in your websites or servers.

Basic edition for free

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Cloud Server Backup Service

Leveraging state-of-the-art protection from virus attacks and software/hardware faults, Cloud Server Backup Service allows you to restore data from any backup point in time.

$0.046 USD/GB-month

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MySQL works with Linux, Apache, and PHP to establish a LAMP stack, thereby providing efficient web solutions. RDS for MySQL is reliable, scalable, easy to manage, and ready to use.

$0.08 USD/hour

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Can I change the ECS specifications after purchase?

Yes. If your service requirements have changed, you can change the ECS specifications to adapt to your services. Enter the ECS console, locate the ECS and stop it. Then, click More in the Operation column and select Modify Specifications.

Can I change the application (image) of my ECS?

Currently, applications (images) bought from Marketplace cannot be changed.

Where are pictures, documents, and other data of an ECS-hosted website stored?

Pictures, documents, voice files, and videos are stored on the ECS, and other data is saved in a MySQL database offered by the application (image).

Will application (image) upgrade affect functions and data like text and pictures?

The upgrade will have some influences, but the application (image) does not automatically upgrade. You can choose to manually perform the upgrade. We suggest that you back up data periodically or at least before the upgrade to prevent data loss.

How do I renew a yearly/monthly ECS when it is about to expire?

On the ECS console, find the ECS to be renewed, click More in the Operation column, and select Renew. Or you can click Billing > Renewal to enter the Billing Center and find the ECS. View details

Will HUAWEI CLOUD charge without notifying me?

No. For a yearly/monthly resource, if it expires, you can renew it, or HUAWEI CLOUD will delete the resource after the grace/retention period ends and will not charge any more. For a pay-per-use resource, it is billed by hour or by the time period it is used if the usage does not reach an hour. After you delete the resource, it will not be billed any more. View details

* If you encounter any problems when using ECSs, submit a service ticket to get help.