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Highlights of HUAWEI CLOUD GAMING Solutions

Global infrastructure for superior player experience
HUAWEI CLOUD services are deployed in more than 170 countries with highly-available CDN of 500 + nodes globally and 400+ GB Anti-DDoS capacity,helping game customers adapt to local security and compliance, scaling worldwide.
Fast Game Release
HUAWEI CLOUD leverage the Game Development solution with DevOps platform,continuous delivery, performing deep security scans as part of your CI/CD pipeline.
Global Game Ecosystem
HUAWEI CLOUD grants you the privilege to HUAWEI AppGallery, our gaming partners are willing to accelerate your expansion globally.

Dedicated Gaming Lifecycle Support

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Recommend services for gaming applications

  • ECS

    • Secure, scalable, on-demand computing resources for gaming application companies globally.
  • RDS

    • Restore data deleted by mistake to any available backup point
  • ELB

    • Elastic Load Balance (ELB) automatically distributes incoming traffic across multiple servers to balance their workloads, increasing service capabilities and fault tolerance of your applications.
  • OBS

    • Guaranteed security and high availability of data with cross-DC disaster recovery
  • DDS

    • Document Database Service (DDS) is a high-performance high availability MongoDB-compatible database service that is scalable and secure.
  • CDN

    • Content Delivery Network (CDN) accelerates content delivery by caching content on edge nodes so that your websites load faster.
  • CCE

    • Cloud Container Engine (CCE) is a high-performance, high-reliability service through which enterprises can manage containerized applications.
  • Cloud Eye

    • Elastic Load Balance (ELB) automatically distributes incoming traffic across multiple servers to balance their workloads, increasing service capabilities and fault tolerance of your applications.
Ecosystem Partners

HUAWEI CLOUD has everything you need to build faster, operate smarter, and create player-loved games, we collaborate with trusted partners to satisfy all your demands.

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Who are eligible for these coupons?

Target customers: customers who have registered on the HUAWEI CLOUD official website but have not used any paid service

When will these coupons cease to be available?

Availability: The coupons will cease to be available by December 31, 2021.

How do I apply for these coupons?

Request and approval: After you submit your application, we will contact you as soon as possible to confirm your application details. Submitting the request does not guarantee that you will receive the coupons, as eligibility depends on a number of factors, including your business needs and whether you are ready to deploy your workloads onto the cloud.

How will I receive these coupons?

Issuance: After approval, we will send the coupons to your HUAWEI CLOUD account over a period of three months. If your spending does not reach the specified amount, we will stop sending the remaining coupons.

What are the constraints for using these coupons?

1. The coupons can only be used for purchasing new resources (as opposed to renewals).
2. The validity period of the coupons is three months. The coupons cannot be used together with other promotions or discounts. They can be used to purchase products and services on the HUAWEI CLOUD official website, with the exception of the following: items on Marketplace, Content Delivery Network (CDN), Video on Demand (VOD), Private Number, Video Transcoding, Message & SMS, Voice Call, Contact Center, Telecom Cloud, Live Streaming, Video Surveillance, Support Plan, Cloud Data Migration (CDM), cloud assurance, Cloud Service Architecture Consulting, and Security Expert Service (SES).
3. The coupons cannot be used for purchasing HUAWEI CLOUD products through agent, reseller, or distributor channels.