• 10+ nodes in the Chinese mainland

    Your launchpad to access the cloud services for the Chinese mainland, and rapidly set up your dedicated network through the underlying infrastructure to deploy your cross-border business.

  • 200+ CDN nodes

    HUAWEI CLOUD provides CDNs near the Chinese mainland with shorter latency than competitors (for example, loading images within 5s).

  • One-stop website services

    Backed by a strong ecosystem for rich website building services, including company registration, ICP and domain name filing, application and website deployment, publicity and promotion.

  • Global support service

    HUAWEI CLOUD provides global technical support. The technical team in China provides 24/7 support to smooth your journey.

Taking the first step of your business in China

HUAWEI CLOUD provides secure, stable networks for customers in China and around the world, and it can be the springboard to launch your online business journey in China.

If you want to host websites, email, and other services and deploy your own applications on servers or content delivery network (CDN) nodes in the Chinese mainland, HUAWEI CLOUD and our partners will provide you with professional, all-round customized solutions. Our solutions will safeguard your business and facilitate your local expansion cost-effectively.

We provide a full package of services including entity registration, ICP filing, and DNS resolution, enabling you to quickly start business in China.

  • Step 1: Registration of business entities

    HUAWEI CLOUD partners will provide full-process entity registration services and consulting services.

  • Step 2: China ICP filing service

    HUAWEI CLOUD will recommend partners to provide you with all-round ICP filing services, from consulting and qualification assessment to delivery.

  • Step 3: Application deployment

    HUAWEI CLOUD will provide professional solutions and exclusive discounts to help you quickly and securely migrate to the cloud at low costs.

  • Step 4: Marketing and promotion

    Backed by a strong ecosystem in China, we provide premium digital marketing resources to help you tap into the Chinese market efficiently.

Application Scenarios



HUAWEI CLOUD works with partners to help cross-border enterprises quickly build e-commerce platforms with seamless interface services covering customs, logistics, and payment. Our solution helps e-commerce enterprises cope with service peaks and security threats, helping them buy and sell goods globally and facilitating their cross-border e-commerce journeys.

  • Easy interconnection, fast service rollout
  • Orders can be seamlessly interconnected with third-party systems such as customs, payment, and logistics. For example, these orders can be integrated as one for customs declaration, ensuring fast service rollout.

  • Neutral business, protected brand
  • We focus on building the cloud infrastructure, so enterprises build their own e-commerce platforms while having full control over their core data.

  • Big-data–empowered marketing for higher customer stickiness
  • Based on big data operations and analysis, we help enterprises mine the value of data to identify personalized customer requirements. Enterprises are better equipped with precision marketing to improve customer experience and customer loyalty.



Cloud, AI, and 5G are driving drastic changes in the gaming industry and bringing unprecedented experiences. With our powerful cloud infrastructure and innovative technologies, HUAWEI CLOUD builds a professional, fast, stable, and secure one-stop cloud service solution for gaming enterprises and enables a quality, high-experience, and all-round gaming cloud platform.

  • Dynamic provisioning of cloud resources for cost optimization
  • Dynamic expansion and cost optimization are implemented to efficiently support service running in scenarios such as game service provisioning, expansion, and combination.

  • Software-hardware collaboration for optimized performance and experience
  • The software-hardware synergy design fully optimizes computing, network, and storage services, providing terabytes per disk, 10GE NICs, and up to 4.5 million IOPS.

  • Simplified O&M and assurance of key events
  • The integrated visualized monitoring and management console simplifies cloud O&M, providing 24/7 services for game enterprises.

SaaS services

SaaS services

Provides performance, reliability, and security for critical enterprise applications on the cloud, facilitating business expansion in China.

  • Secure and trustworthy
  • Protects your application systems and data on the cloud based on our expertise built over 30+ years.

  • Flexible management
  • Cloud resources are used in a flexible, scalable, out-of-the-box manner. Servers can be managed through the management console, APIs, and CLI.

  • Easy O&M
  • The open and free cloud monitoring service platform provides real-time monitoring, alarms, and notifications of cloud resources, freeing enterprises from the hassle of IDC O&M. In addition, 24/7 after-sales services help you migrate to the cloud carefree.

Contact a Go-China expert for support worth $1000 to help your applications reach Chinese users quickly.

Recommended Cloud Services for Go-China Recommended Cloud Services for Go-China


Secure, scalable, on-demand computing resources for International companies trying to enter the Chinese market

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Restore data deleted by mistake to any available backup point

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Guaranteed data security with a three-node replica set architecture

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Guaranteed security and high availability of data with cross-DC disaster recovery

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Directly connect VPCs located in different regions

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Provide flexible Internet connectivity when used with other cloud services

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Enhanced data security and reliability with three copies created for every piece of data

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Block attacks with pinpoint accuracy by using advanced detection mechanisms and diverse libraries

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Free Trials & Consulting Services

  • Register a HUAWEI CLOUD account and try many cloud services for free

    Register for up to 1500 hours of free access to 36 popular cloud services

    Register for up to 1500 hours of free access to 36 popular cloud services

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    Professional sales expert in your region provides you with consulting, buying recommendations, and other services