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Deng Tao, President of HUAWEI CLOUD Global Market

HUAWEI CLOUD EIHealth: Healthcare AI Platform

Dr. Qiao Nan, R&D Director of HUAWEI CLOUD EIHealth

HUAWEI CLOUD Anti-COVID-19 Partner Program

Mark Chen, Director of HUAWEI CLOUD Global Partner Business Dept

AI Healthcare

EIHealth provides free packages for hospitals and research institutions registered with HUAWEI CLOUD to fight against COVID-19, which include:
In silico drug screening service and virus genome analysis service (Free quota: 1,000 CPU hours and 500 GPU hours)
▪ COVID-19 AI-assisted CT screening service, free trial until May 1, 2020

EIHealth Antivirus Services: Virus Genome Analysis
EIHealth Antivirus Services: Virus Genome Analysis

Cutting-edge virus genomic analysis tools and pipelines are preset on the platform, and accelerated by Kunpeng and Ascend chip series. Researchers could start their analysis from a browser anywhere at any time.

Virus Detection
Genome Assembly
Mutation Analysis
Evolution Analysis

EIHealth Antivirus Services: AI-assisted CT Patient Screening for COVID-19
EIHealth Antivirus Services: AI-assisted CT Patient Screening for COVID-19

This AI service could be used to assist clinicians to assess the CT scan images. It automatically segments the lung lesions and measures the lesion volume. The Ascend AI chip is used to accelerate the segmentation, saving the precious time of clinicians.

Lesion segmentation and quantitative analysis
3D reconstruction
Follow-up examinations and comparisons

EIHealth Antivirus Services: In silico Drug Screening
EIHealth Antivirus Services: In silico Drug Screening

Drug screening is a very lengthy process, while virtual (in silico or computational) screening is commonly regarded as the fastest and most accurate way of doing it. In silico drug screening service provides professional and optimized tools for researchers to find the antiviral drug quickly.

Protein Homology Modeling
Molecular Dynamics Simulation
Molecular Docking

Online Education

Classes Are Stopped But Learning Doesn′t Have To
Classes Are Stopped But Learning Doesn′t Have To

HUAWEI CLOUD is working with partners to provide online teaching services for primary and secondary schools and colleges during these hard times, so teachers can still teach and students can still learn.

▪ Distance learning: Teachers and students can interact through audio, video, and chat rooms.
▪ Curriculum development: Online tools make course development more efficient, and allow teachers to work together remotely and share teaching materials.
▪ Online self-study: Students can learn on their own, using low-latency HD VOD. Teaching content distribution is faster, exams can be taken online, and learning progress is monitored in real time.

Enterprises on Cloud

HUAWEI CLOUD Offers a Range of Cloud Services for Free
HUAWEI CLOUD Offers a Range of Cloud Services for Free

Register with HUAWEI CLOUD and get 1500-hour free usage quotas for 10 hot products.

▪ Free cloud services: Take advantage of free cloud services, including ECSs (2 vCPUs and 4 GB memory), databases, storage, cloud backup, and a world-class CDN.
▪ Security, compliance, and reliability: HUAWEI CLOUD ensures data neutrality and stable service operations with over 40 security and privacy compliance certifications, meeting the compliance requirements of different industries and regions.

Customer Stories

Customer Stories

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